Wireless communication headsets

Wireless communication headsets ◊ 40mm driver deliver every single pitch ◊ Clear voice commands for application such VOIP ◊ For both mobile and desktop computer ◊ Thick padded cushion for long wearing comfort

Wireless Conference Speaker

DTM-301BT Wireless Conference Speaker ◊ Eliminate 20+ background noise ◊ Connect without installing any driver ◊ Compatible with conference calling system ◊ IPX5 Waterproof

Ture Wireless Stereo

Ture Wireless Stereo Latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology Listen to your favorite tunes and answer calls Lightweight and form-fitting design 200mAh Charging case  

Kids Headphones

Kids Headphones with adjustable parental control audio level Complies to EN-50332-2 Adjustable parental control audio level Non-allergic foam cushion for all day wearing Robust headband design